Holy Week Saturday Family Devotional


Family Devotional

April 16, 2022: TRUST JESUS

LUKE 23:44-47



• Plastic Ziplock Bag

• Pencils (Really Sharp!)

• Water


(click here for demonstration)

Ask your child if they trust you. Tell them you’re going to poke a hole in a plastic bag of water over their head without the water pouring out on them. NOTE: Practice a few times over the sink beforehand. Use SHARP #2 pencils!


SAY: This week we’ve been thinking about the things that Jesus said when He was on the cross. Let’s look at one more thing that Jesus said before He died… (Read Luke 23:44-47)

ASK: What do you think Jesus meant when He said, “Father, into Your hands I commit/entrust my spirit.”? (He was letting go of His life. He was trusting the Father with His life.)

SAY: Jesus said this because He was ready to die; He finished what He came to do. He knew that His Father is in control; He trusted the Father with His life. After Jesus died, He was buried in a tomb. But that’s not the end of the story… He didn’t stay dead! Tomorrow is Easter, which is also called “Resurrection Sunday.” Tomorrow we will celebrate that Jesus is alive; He didn’t stay on the cross; He didn’t stay in the tomb! God was in control and brought Jesus back to life!

SAY: Jesus coming back to life is the most important miracle for us. If He wouldn’t have come back to life, He would not have the power over death and our sins. When we talk about believing or trusting in Jesus, we’re not just talking about believing that he was a good man and died, but that He came back to life; He resurrected. This is why we can trust Jesus. He is powerful. He has the power to save us and forgive us. In Pastor Roger’s sermon tomorrow, we are going to hear how Jesus told Martha that people who believe in Him will live forever. Jesus asked her if she believed. She said yes; she trusted Jesus.*

ASK: Do you trust Jesus? If yes, who do we know that needs to hear about Jesus and trust Him?

FAMILY PRAYER: Use these prayer points as you pray together.

• Thank Jesus for His sacrifice for us.

• Praise God that He has power over death.

• Pray that God will help us be bold to share the good news about Jesus.

*For a step-by-step guide on how to share the Gospel with your kids, or for more family resources, go to: ibcbenton.com/familyresources