Holy Week Thursday Family Devotional


Family Devotional

April 14, 2022: THIRSTY?

John 1:12-13, 19:26-27; Ephesians 6:1-4

FAMILY ACTIVITY: “Saltine Challenge”


• Box of Saltine Crackers

• Timer or Alarm Clock on Your Phone, or a Stopwatch

• Drinking water (Only after the timer is up, or for emergency)


Each family member will take turns and have 60 seconds to try to chew and swallow 6 saltines before their time is up, without a drink of water. Sounds easy, but not quite! If you have small children, be sure to use your best judgment and keep water nearby. We don’t need anybody to choke. You can modify the game for younger ones by just seeing how fast they can eat one cracker.


ASK: Is anyone thirsty? 

SAY: We all need water to live. Even Jesus needed water. He was on the cross for a long time. He was in so much pain, tired, and thirsty. He even asked the soldiers that put Him on the cross for a drink (John 19:28). There was another time in the Bible when Jesus was thirsty and asked for a drink. Let’s read about it … (Read John 4:4-14).

ASK: Why was the woman surprised that Jesus asked her for water?

What kind of water did Jesus say He could give?

SAY: Jesus asked the woman for water but also wanted to tell her about Him. He used water as a symbol of salvation and satisfaction. We will always get thirsty because our body needs water. Jesus said that he has living water, that never makes you thirsty again. He wasn’t talking about real water; He was talking about how he can save and forgive anyone for their sins. It doesn’t matter what you look like, how many good or bad things that you’ve done, or how much or little money you have… Jesus loves and wants to save everyone who will believe in Him and what He did for them on the cross.*

FAMILY PRAYER: Use these prayer points as you pray together.

• Thank God for water and the things we have.

• Thank Jesus for offering the living water of salvation and forgiveness.

*For a step-by-step guide on how to share the Gospel with your kids, or for more family resources, go to: ibcbenton.com/familyresources