Impacting Our Culture with the Gospel

I’ve been reflecting on the life and legacy of Billy Graham, in light of his recent death. There is no doubt that Graham was one of the most well-known and influential Christian figures for almost an entire century.

Not only was he well known in evangelical circles, but with people from all walks of life: international royalty, presidents, popes, civil rights leaders, as well as leaders from other world religions. His fervor for spreading the gospel has made a kingdom impact on millions of lives.

Something that I have greatly admired about him is how he used the gospel to make an impact on culture, rather than being influenced by culture. He frequently met with people who had different perspectives, beliefs, and worldviews than that of his own. However, he did not succumb to the pressures of others’ persuasions just to keep peaceful relationships. He made clear the good news of Christ with everyone, not sacrificing biblical truth, for a culture that is increasingly straying away from a biblical worldview. His mission was fulfilling the Great Commission.

As I reflect on that admiration, I realize that I have not been as bold with the gospel in a culture that desperately needs Christ. I have been just fine with staying in my Christian bubble and going through the motions for most of my life.

What about you? Are you lax when it comes to sharing the hope that is within you? Are you comfortable staying in circles that do not challenge your faith and worldview? How are you impacting our culture with the gospel?

Of course, not all of us are Billy Graham. Many of us will never have a platform on which to speak to thousands of people at once about Christ. However, we do have our daily conversations, our marriages, families, co-workers, and our friends. We have opportunities every day to make an impact on our culture with the gospel. The problem is we don’t take those opportunities to make a kingdom difference. We have lost sight of our ultimate mission from Christ: to go and make disciples.

Culture tells us that life is about our own happiness and our own truth. We get caught up in ourselves and our own pursuit of happiness that we miss opportunities to make His name great. Life is not about us; it is about God, the giver of life. It is about reaching as many people for Christ in order to bring them into a saving relationship with their Maker.

Let’s challenge ourselves to change the way we approach life. Let’s focus on sharing the good news with others and making disciples. Let’s not be influenced by our culture. Rather, let’s impact culture with the good news of Jesus.

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