Sunday School

 Our Sunday School starts at 9:30 AM. We have over 20 adult Sunday School classes, children and youth classes where everyone in your family can find a place. Sunday school at Immanuel helps to teach you the Word of God, includes you in a loving group of people that can support you through life, and involves you in ministry to others.

Sunday School also provides an excellent opportunity for a large church to feel small as Sunday School provides an opportunity to connect relationally.  Over 90% of our Sunday morning attenders are involved in a Sunday School Class.  If you have not tried out a Sunday School Class, consider finding your place in Sunday School at Immanuel.

Our Classes

Discovery Zone

Pastor Ryan Mulvaney

Nursery – Brenda Choisser, Shelley Hughey & Penny Henson

1 Year Olds – Paula Elliot, Samantha Yates

2 Year Olds –  Andrea Clements

3 Year Olds – Mandy Dawson, Emily Unger

4 & 5 Year Olds – Wanda Karnes & Kelly Pyron

Kidz Zone

Pastor Ryan Mulvaney

Kindergarten – Lori Craven, Cassie Jay

1st Grade – Dawn Kovarik, Emily Bryan

2nd Grade – Denny & Shay Richey

3rd Grade – Francine Eubanks & Dawn Neal

4th Grade – Jamie & Joy Willis

5th & 6th Grade Girls – Audra Bates, Christina Neff

5th & 6th Grade Boys – Larry Toms, Tim Vanwey

Student Ministry

Pastor Ryan Casey

7th & 8th Grade Girls – Jenny Schlag, Bailey Johnston

9th & 10th Grade Girls – Patti Doughty, Michelle Simmons

11th & 12th Grade Girls – Whitney Montgomery, Courtney Poole

7th & 8th Grade Boys – Matt Wynn, Greg Poole

9th & 10th Grade Boys – Adam Johnston, Luke Montgomery, Seiger Shurtz

11th & 12th Grade Boys – Steve Neal, Dan Doughty, Ben Cox

Singles/Couples Classes

Young Adults – Rod & Tonya Shurtz – a Bible fellowship designed for post high school & college age singles

Younger Marrieds – Adam Johnston – a fellowship designed for engaged couples and/or young marrieds (18-29)

Young Marrieds – Richard Baker/Ryan Kathalynas – a fellowship designed for engaged couples and/or young marrieds (25-39)

Bible Class – Shawn Ruffino – a Bible fellowship for married couples (25-40 something)

The Upper Room – Keith & Bev Adams – a Bible class welcoming marrieds & singles (25-45)

Family Walk – Barry & Brenda Sink – a larger Bible class setting comprised of families from diverse walks of life

Mt. Sinai – John Giles – a Bible class for all walks of life (45+)

Sanctuary Class – Larry Miller – a Bible class designed for the seasoned and the seeker

Blended Bunch – Pastor Eddie Paul Davis – a fellowship comprising a blend of married and singles (50+)

Ladies Classes

Women Walking in Faith – Kerrie Stewart – (20-40)

Grace – Trudee Wynn & Anjie Hughes – (30-40)

Hope – Maureen Rice – (40-60)

Joy – Treva Cruz – (50-60)

Sonshine – Sharon Clements – (60+)

Friendship – Ruth Ann Carter/Beverly Smith- (70+)

Mens Classes

Young Men’s Class – Derek Flatt/Justin Ketteman – (20-30)

Thumbs Up – Dennis Followell/Paul Drew – (50+)

Wisdom Seekers – Scott Choisser – (40-55)

Men’s Bible – Rotating Teacher (65+)